By Dan Brady

Eagtac D25C Flashlight.

I fully admit to being a bit of a "Gear Queer" when it comes to two pieces of Every Day Carry (EDC) gear. Flashlights and folding knives. I have changed and upgraded these two things more than any other.

The technological leap flashlights have taken in the last 15 years is astonishing. They have gotten astronomically brighter, tougher, smaller and running longer on a given power source.

I always like to have a flashlight on both my sidearm and another as well no matter where I am. The two can be used independently or in conjunction with each other but more often than not, an EDC light will help you find someone's lost keys, something that rolled under a desk, looking into an engine bay at night to locate a mechanical problem or some other less than tactical but still important task. Until the last couple years a truly unobtrusive EDC flashlight that offered the features I desired didn't exist and then they were very pricey.

On an EDC flashlight I wanted:
Small, Unobtrusive size
Tail cap thumb switch
Bright light with decent flood but substantial throw distance
A dimming mode
A Strobe feature
A Pocket clip just like a knife
Be able to stand on end as an emergency candle

The EAGTAC D25C meets all these criteria perfectly. I do not have the ability to measure Lumen output (I don't trust the advertising of any light anyway) but this little thing is BRIGHT! I can easily identify people over 200 feet away at night. The strobe feature is very disorienting inside 25 yards. With a 1/4" turn it dims down to save power (stated 60 hours at this setting) but still bright enough to illuminate a 12'x12' room when standing on end. The tail cap switch is easy to operate and it's rugged enough that my dropping it daily hasn't killed it. All in a package that measures 3" long and 2.5" around (which is a bit bigger than a standard tube of Chapstick. It runs off a single 123A battery and cost me about $40 at my favorite gun shop.

It's not going to be replacing my "On Duty" light but as a daily piece of carry gear, this would be tough to beat.