Review of Dave Spaulding’s Reduced Light Class held in South Bend, IN January 25 & 26, 2013. I planned to write a short review of Dave’s class because it was such an enlightening experience (pun intended). Instead after receiving numerous emails from the other students I thought quoting them would be more appropriate.

Pam wrote:

Great idea!!
I was very nervous about taking the class because I wasn’t sure I was good enough to be in a Dave Spaulding class!!!   Dave was awesome to work with and I am so happy that I took the class.  I am now looking forward to the next one that I might have the privilege of attending!!!”

Rich wrote:

The course was useful for many reasons. 1-It gave me a better understanding of shooting in lowlight and no light Situations. That I have not tried before. 2-It gave me a better understanding of my own gear. That my flashlight and the mounted gun light have limitations. Also the usefulness of them in different situations.  3-I realized going through all the different methods of using the flashlight. That my equipment was not set up for the way I found most comfortable to shoot.  Also the way that I was able to shoot the most accurate. 4-I found that having a really powerful flashlight was not always useful. Because I had to deal with the reflections. When my flashlight came across a white surface or any reflective surface the light back at me making it hard for me to see. 5-The main thing I learned from Dave's class. Was to use darkness as a tool not just an obstacle. Through the use of my flashlight and the use of darkness I have the ability to shoot accurately, safely, and securely.”

Mark wrote:

I was uncertain what to expect and whether or not the information presented would be at my current skill set without holding back other more skilled participants. After taking Dave's Reduced Light course not only was I impressed with the level of student to instructor interaction and feedback but I also left the course feeling much more aware of the tools required and how to use them. Definitely one step closer to being a better active participant in my own rescue. Thanks and I look forward to taking my next Handgun Combatives course!”

Don posted on Indiana Gun Owners Forum attached it the hyper link with some great pictures;

Bob wrote:

I was pretty skeptical about shooting in the dark or identifying your presence to the bad guy with a hand held light.  Clearly this was not an image intensifier, glow in the dark night sights, gun mounted laser swat training course, but it was about adaptively using what you have without getting shot yourself.  I found it approachable, but challenging.  The segment on the defensive mindset was especially helpful - once committed, fight to prevail.”

What more can I say? These shooters summed it up well, they came from various shooting backgrounds and all came together safely for Dave’s last exercise of the day and speaking as a firearms instructor myself his last exercise of having two shooters at a time, moving down range, with obstacles in the way and in a DARK range is testimony to his teaching ability as one of the country’s top shooting instructors. Thanks again Dave for another awesome class, see you in October when you return to South Bend for the Situational Pistol class